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Things to do in Mudgee - The ultimate Mudgee Travel Guide!

Use the ultimate list fo things to do in Mudgee to plan your next Mudgee holiday! Planning or thinking about visiting Mudgee? This is the most comprehensive Mudgee visitors guide to help you plan your next Mudgee visit! 

There are so many things to do in Mudgee and surrounds, with over 40 cellar doors and exquisite restaurants to indulge your taste buds. The endless activities for families and kids to enjoy, Mudgee is not just catered for wine lovers or romantic getaways. 

We have created a Mudgee Cellar Door Map, so you can easily navigate and plan your wine tour, see Best Mudgee Cellar DoorsIf you’re travelling with kids, see our complete list of all activities in Mudgee that don’t involve wine

Additionally, check out The Ultimate Mudgee Annual Events List below to plan your next Mudgee holiday! The Mudgee Region website is also a good website for information to get the most out of your Mudgee visit. Mudgee awaits . . . 

A lady wearing a colourful blue, red and purple festive dress holding a bubble makers in each hand creating large bubbles floating towards the camera in the middle of Mudgee town with the famous Mudgee clock in the background on a clear sunny day with not a cloud in the rich blue sky.
The Ultimate Mudgee Annual Events Calendar 2024

Discover the best annual events in Mudgee with our comprehensive guide to the town’s top festivals and celebrations. From food and wine to music and culture, we’ve got you covered with our list of favourite Mudgee events.

Thank you for using our guide to plan your trip! We are so excited to welcome you to our beautiful region and show you why we love it so much! 

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