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If you’re planning your dream wedding in our enchanting Mudgee region, then you need to use our ultimate wedding directory.  This is the most extensive online directory of wedding vendors and service providers in Mudgee, as it allows businesses to list their services for free. Whether you’re seeking a romantic vineyard setting with rustic countryside charm, or an outdoor extravaganza, our wedding directory leaves no stone unturned. From top-notch venues to professional photographers, caterers, florists, wedding entertainers and more, all conveniently listed in one place.

We hope you find our wedding directory useful and wish you a perfect wedding day!

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Our wedding directory is free for all quality wedding service providers located in the Mid-Western region.  Feel free to submit your details and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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A newly married couple posing nest to a tree with the sunset in the background, located in the country side of Mudgee. Photo taken by Kate Freestone photographer

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Our Mudgee Wedding Directory focuses on quality wedding service providers located in the Mid-Western region.  Your submission must meet this basic criteria. We reserve the right to not list your business if we feel it doesn’t meet the criteria. All the details you provide will appear in your listing if the submission is successful.

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