Trout fishing at the Riverlea Retreat Mudgee for avid fishing pros and enthusiasts

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Due to the recent floods in late 2022 and the lack of water being released from the Windamere Dam, trout has not been able to survive from the lack of cool water and lack of oxygen. This has caused much warmer waters down stream with significant algae growth suffocating trout.  We hope the NSW government will start to release more water sometime in the near future. Trout stock will take at least a year or two to recover.  Every year around October the NSW fisheries release over twenty thousand trout fry into the Cudgegong River which flows through the Riverlea Retreat Mudgee.  Often the release takes place on our property, which means if you book the Riverlea Retreat Mudgee around that time of year, you might be able to help the NSW fisheries volunteers release bags of baby trout into the river.

Troy and Dave – NSW Fisheries Volunteers

Why Stay at Riverlea Retreat for Trout Fishing

The Riverlea Retreat Mudgee is a perfect stay for trout fishing pro’s and enthusiasts.  Stay at the Riverlea Retreat Mudgee means you will get private access to the river not accessible by the public.  Fish in peace and tranquility with your closest fishing buddies.  At the end of your fishing session, walk back to the property and cook your fresh catch that evening.


Riverlea Retreat Mudgee is located between Windamere Dam and Mudgee weir the Cudgegong and its tributaries are classified as General Trout Stream (this means general trout stream regulations apply). Trout are also present above Lake Windamere around Rylstone and in some sections of river below Mudgee.

Fishing Rules

General trout stream regulations apply. For more information about NSW fishing regulations, please download the Department of NSW Primary Industries Freshwater recreational rules and regulations summary prior to fishing on our river ways.

  • You can fish for trout from the start of October long weekend to the end of June long weekend in artificial fly and lure streams.
  • Rules for artificial fly and lure streams apply from start of October long weekend to 30 April.
  • Only take what you you can consume on the day and release any fish that don’t meet the fisheries requirements.

Please ensure you adhere to the Freshwater Bag and Size Limits.

Types of Fish

Apart from Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Redfin Perch and Common Carp (Do not release any size Common Carp or Redfin Perch, please kill them humanly. Carp and Redfin Perch are one of the worst introduced pest species in Australia.) Native fish can also be found in the Cudgegong including Golden Perch which can be taken and the protected species Silver Perch, Catfish, Trout Cod and River Black Fish which can not be taken from the river.

Brown Trout – Min 25cm
Rainbow Trout – Min 25cm
Golden Perch – Min 30cm
Common Carp – Don’t Release
Redfin Perch – Don’t Release

Fishing Methods

For trout by far the best way to catch fish in the Cudgegong is with small lures such as celters soft plastics and minnow lures. If you’re fly fishing the best methods in summer are generally streamers with a slow varied jerky retrieve and dry flies such as ant patterns (during the day) and beetles, small moth patterns like the white moth and white wulf (at dusk, dawn and after dark). When fishing winter spawning conditions (only permitted outside of general trout stream waters) bright pink and orange streamers, glow bugs and nymphs are popular. Bright lures (pink and bright yellow) also work better in the cooler months.

For natives spinner baits work well as do stump jumpers. Bait fishing is popular for native fish. Worms, yabbies, bardie and other wood grubs are very popular baits.

For carp the most popular baits are normally cheese, worms or corn. Large s worms with two or more worms on a single hook makes a very effective bait, particularly after periods of rain.

Personal Fishing Guide

To book a fishing guide for 2 hours cost $100, please call Dave on 0429360121.

Riverlea Retreat Fishing Spot

Reference: Blue Mountains Fishing 22 June 2021


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35% Off Promotion Use Coupon: WORKATION
Book min 3 weeknights from now to 29 Sept 2023 and receive 35% off your booking.