Rated top 10 emerging destinations in the world by Tripadvisor – Why Mudgee?

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Mudgee was named in the top 10 emerging destinations in the world by Tripadvisor in 2021. Why all the rage?

At just a 3-hour drive from the western outskirts of Sydney NSW Australia, it takes an extra hour to get to Mudgee compared to the Hunter Valley. So why are travellers flocking to Mudgee today?

This historic town is nestled in the lush, hilly pastures of regional NSW, with architecture dating back to the 1850s the date at which gold was first discovered here. And now? Mudgee has blossomed into a beautiful town, surrounded by over 50 boutique cellar doors each producing some of the finest liquid gold for the world to enjoy.

Perhaps it the laid-back and friendly country folk who take delight in witnessing you appreciate their local produce and wine through a labour of love, and who are delighted to chat for hours.

You can stay in town and get amongst some magnificent quaint historical pubs and hang out with the locals after a scrumptious meal made from the freshest local ingredients.

Or you can escape to the outskirts and stay in some of the most unique country villas serenaded by the sound of nature. Star gaze while sipping on a local vintage with your closest friends and family around a crackling fire pit on a clear star-filled night.

There is something for everyone in Mudgee. You can continue to browse our highly recommended Mudgee activities or visit the Visit Mudgee Region website for upcoming events and things to do in this magnificent country gem that is not quite so hidden anymore!

” Once you’ve been to Mudgee, you’ll question why you never went in the first place . . . . . .

Personally, I feel it’s ten times better than the Hunter Valley.  It’s less commercial, people seem friendlier, the wine is just as good, there is so much more to do in Mudgee, there are markets and events almost every week of the year, and there is a quaint town with nightlife, there’s not much to do after sunset in the Hunter Valley.

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