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Interactive Google map of all Mudgee Cellar Doors

Use this map to help plan your wine tour!

Mudgee Wine Reputation

Mudgee Wine Guide & Map (Download PDF 1MB)

Gone are the days when Mudgee wine was called Mudgee mud. That reputation has been replaced with many award-winning wines and a plethora of gold medals.

Climate and Style

A warm, cool and dry climate, Mudgee is predominately known for its reds with a wide selection of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot. There are also many compelling Rieslings, Rosés, quality chardonnays, and a smattering of Italian varieties to choose from.

General Opening Hours

Most cellar doors are open between 10am and 4pm on weekdays, and for longer at weekends.

Lunch and Dinner at Cellar Doors

Some cellars door restaurants offer mouth-watering dégustation menus – here bookings are essential.  You can easily nibble your way through a wine tour, by ordering charcuterie boards which most cellar doors offer.

Best Mudgee Cellar Doors 2023

Our recommendations:

Half Day Wine Tour: 3 Cellar Doors – Starting with Peter Van Gent, Lowe Wines, (Lunch at The Barn Blue Wren) then First Ridge or Logan Wines.

Full Day Wine Tour: 5 to 6 cellar Doors – Starting with Robert Stein, Pieter van Gent, Lowe, (Lunch at The Barn Blue Wren, Zin House, Pipeclay or Our Chow) finishing at First Ridge, Skimstone or Logan Wines.

With over 50 cellar doors across the Mudgee region, here is a list of our favourites in no particular order. We suggest you book a wine tour and let your guide know your group’s wine palate.

For a unique cellar door tour, tour by:

Or simply google and contact one of many Mudgee wine tour operators – Google Search Results (Mudgee Wine Tours)

  1. Logan Wines – 1320 Castlereigh Hwy Mudgee – 7 Dayswww.loganwines.com.au A modern cellar door with views from an outdoor terrace only minutes away from the Riverlea Retreat hence its the first cab off the rank! (Directions) Ph: (02) 6373 1333
  2. Skimstone Wines – 1307 Castlereigh Hwy Mudgee – Weekends Onlywww.skimstone.com.au Barbera, Chardonnay, Rose Sangiovese, Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon take your pick, they are all worthy at Skimstone. (Directions) Ph: 0411 577 388
  3. Robert Steins Winery & Vineyard – Pipeclay Lane Mudgee – 7 days www.robertstein.com.au Famous for its Riesling, Pipeclay Pump House Restaurant & Motor Cycle Museum. (Directions) Ph: (02) 6373 3991
  4. Moothi Estate – 85 Rocky Waterhole Rd – 7 days www.moothiestate.com Very popular for their Rose and sweeping views across the valley. (Directions) Ph: (02) 6372 2925

    Moothi Estate
  5. 791 Estate – 791 Ulan Rd Mudgee – Open weekends & by appointment on weekdayswww.791estate.com.au Friendly owner Fiona and Brandon love a chat and will serve up a great lunch paired with their delicious Rose. (Directions) Ph: 0438 735 138
  6. Aril Estate – 947 Castlereagh Hwy Mullamuddy Open everydaywww.arilestate.com At Aril Estate they specialise In table olive oil, fresh pomegranates and syrups. In the near future they plan to produce and sell pomegranate wine.. (Directions) Ph: (02) 6373 1458
  7. Slow Fox Wines – 196 Black Spring Rd Mudgee – Fri to Tues + Long weekends www.slowfoxwines.com A combination of trellised and bush vines, all handpicked and made by a small scale winery on site.  With a focus on earthy reds, Malbec, Merlot Sangiovese, Shiraz, Shiraz Tempranillo and blends. Bookings preferred. (Directions) Ph: (02) 6373 3087
  8. First Ridge Wines – 577 Burrundulla Rd Mudgee  – 7 Dayswww.firstridge.com.au All Italian style wines with a selection of Vermentino, Pinot Grigio, Fiano, Rosé, Sangiovese, Enzo, Barbera, Sangiovese Frizzante. (Directions) Ph: 0418 161 132

    First Ridge Estate
  9. Elephant Mountain Wines – 68 Edgell Lane Buckaroo – Fri to Sun www.elephantmountain.com.au Interesting Rose range with medals and vintage Shiraz (Directions) Ph: 0414 650 845
  10. Petersons – 6 Black Spring Road Mudgee – 7 Dayswww.petersonswines.com.au Cabernet Sauvignon and a very special Sparking Red, Petersons is a well established brand with cellar doors in the Hunter and Armidale. (Directions) Ph: (02) 6373 3184
  11. 1838 Wines & Olive Nest – 60 Pipeclay Lane Mudgee – Fri to Sunwww.theolivenestand1838wines.com.au Apart from their award winning Rose, their olive oil is mouth watering. (Directions) Ph: (02) 6373 3719
  12. Lowe Wines – 372 Tinja Lane Mudgee – 7 Dayswww.lowefamilywineco.com.au Where the famous Zin House is located and a popular wedding venue The Pavilion.  The sweeping views across the Mudgee valley, just the view alone is worth the visit and say hello to Louis, the owners dog freely roams the estate. (Directions) Ph: (02) 5858 4026

    Louis at Lowe Wines (RIP)
  13. Bunnamagoo Wines – 603 Henry Lawson Dr Eurunderee – 7 Days www.bunnamagoowines.com.au A beautiful vineyard and cellar door with a raft of reds, whites, roses, sparking and dessert wines to suit any palate. (Directions) Ph: (02) 6373 3046
  14. Pieter Van Gent – 141 Black Spring Rd Mudgee – 7 Days www.pvgwinery.com Wine tastings are conducted in the cask hall, which is dotted with barriques, puncheons, antique choir stalls, and flanked by twenty old German oak casks (circa 1850) used for storing wines. (Directions) Ph: (02) 6373 3030
  15. Walter Wines – 179 Tinja Lane Mudgee – Thu to Monwww.walterwines.com.au Sample their wines and partake in a choice of local produce from a seasonal menu either within the Cellar Door environment or by venturing outdoors and picnic on the lawn. (Directions) Ph: 0419 251 208
  16. Vinifera Wines – 194 Henry Lawson Drive Mudgee – Thu to Monwww.viniferawines.com.au Organic certified, wine tasting while soaking in the sweeping views across the vineyard to the hills beyond. (Directions) Ph: (02) 6372 2461
  17. De Beaurepaire Wines – 182 Cudgegong Rd Rylstone – Thu to Monwww.debeaurepairewines.com A nice sparking range with traditional reds.  Long Lunching literally in the Vines with great wine, food and live music. (Directions) Ph: (02) 6379 1473

    A typical view from any estate in Mudgee – Lowe Wines


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35% Off Promotion Use Coupon: WORKATION
Book min 3 weeknights from now to 29 Sept 2023 and receive 35% off your booking.