Mudgee’s best cafés 2021 – The ones worth a hit to get your morning fix

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For coffee addicts seeking a fix throughout the day and especially in the mornings, there are plenty of great cafés to help you re-energise.

Obviously, without bias, we feel our coffee at Mudgee Honey Haven is up there with the best, but let’s not put too many tickets on my coffee and baristas!

There are plenty of worthy contenders in Mudgee town for the best coffee which also offer great grub, and a buzzing atmosphere!

Here are a list of our favourite Mudgee cafés in no particular order. Operating times can vary so make sure you check opening hours online. Also it doesn’t hurt to book if you’re after a table! Enjoy!

  1. Althea by Zin – 131 Church St, Mudgee (Directions)
  2. The Butcher Shop Cafe – 49 Church St Mudgee (Directions)
  3. Eltons Eating and Drinking – 81 Market St Mudgee (Directions)
  4. Cafe 89 – 89 Market St Mudgee (Directions)
  5. Outside The Square – 85a Mortimer St Mudgee (Directions)
  6. Alby & Esthers – 61 Market St Mudgee (Directions)
  7. Dancing Goat Cafe – 104 Church St Mudgee (Directions)
  8. Mudgee Honey Haven – 2 Hill End Rd Mudgee (Directions)
Alby & Esthers

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