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Who doesn’t like a chaser in evening after sampling some of Mudgee’s finest wines during the day? Mudgee town comes alive after dark especially on the weekends. So, if you’re up for a night out on the town, when pub crawling literally means a stumble across the road, then these are some of our favourite drinking holes in the heart of Mudgee town:

Roths Wine Bar www.rothswinebar.com.au – 30 Market St Mudgee – Wed to Sat – Live music on the weekend with a great selection of local wines. (Directions)

Eltons Bar + Bites www.eltons.com.au – 81 Market St Mudgee – Tue to Sat – Eltons boasts a unique, ever-evolving menu designed around shared plates, a great range of on-tap craft beers + a diverse wine list, featuring many of the best Mudgee has to offer. (Directions)

Woolpack Hotel www.woolpackhotelmudgee.com.au – 67 Market St Mudgee – 7 Days – Is an iconic country hotel renowned for its eclectic mix of locals and tourists, the pub boasts plenty of historical charm whilst offering guests great food, refreshing drinks, live music and endless stream of sport. (Directions)

The Woolpack Hotel

Lawson Park Hotel www.lawsonparkhotel.com.au – 1 Church St Mudgee – 7 Days – A historical pub est. in the 1860’s to home of the award winning famous Red Heifer Bistro and awarding winning steaks.  A classic Aussie pub, with charming country hospitality and service. (Directions)

Three Tail Brewery www.threetailsbrewery.com.au – 13A Lewis St Mudgee – Wed to Sun –  American smoke house Smokin Bro & Co in the same establishment, everything they serve is sourced from 100% independent producers, from their beer & wines to their snacks and soft drinks. Real craft! (Directions)

Paragon Hotel www.paragonhotelmudgee.com.au – 13A Lewis St Mudgee – 7 Days – Loved by locals and tourists alike the Paragon Hotel specialises in a characterful bar to drink, traditional pub fare to eat, and a place to meet and banter with friends. A visit to this country corner pub, which is located just outside of Mudgee’s CBD will allow you to forget the hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in their traditional pub vibe. (Directions)

Cade Kitchen & Bar www.cadekitchenandbar.com.au – 97 Market St Mudgee – 7 Days – Chef Renee moved from Sydney 15 years ago to Mudgee, completing her initial training at Zin House, Mudgee under Executive Chef Kim Currie. Renee’s passion is clear in her food presentation, and of course, the flavour! Her motto is “Food is a reflection of your soul”. You will often see Renee tending to her guests as she loves to make everyone feel as if it were their home. (Directions)

The Oriental Hotel www.orientalhotel.com.au6 Lewis St Mudgee – 7 Days – Know locally as the ‘Ori’, The Oriental Hotel is one of the towns most iconic hotels.  With indoor & outdoor dining spaces this hotel serves up mean lunch and dinner special on weekdays.  And if you’re into your Gins, the ‘Ori Gin Bar’ stocks a huge selection of local and international Gins for you to choose and build you own concoction. (Directions)

Gin from the Ori Gin Bar

Mudgee Brewing Company www.mudgeebrewing.com.au4 Church St Mudgee – Wed to Sun – If you’re into your craft beers, then this is the place for you.  Free flowing locally brewed pale ales, IPAs, the famous Mudgee Mud stout, lagers and flavoured beers with live music on the weekend. This boutique brewery is right across the road from the historical Mudgee Art Deco Regent Theatre. All you need now is to pull up in a 30s Chrysler Imperial. (Directions)

Mudgee Regent Theatre

Club Mudgee www.clubmudgee.com.au – 99 Mortimer St Mudgee – 7 Days – Club Mudgee is the local members community club, so there is a dress code.  Being the local community club they have weekly events including poker nights and bingo.  Join in with the locals to win that meat tray and have mean BBQ the next day at the Riverlea Retreat! (Directions)

Kelly’s Irish Pub www.kellysirishpub.com.au – 49-51 Church St Mudgee – 7 Days – A town is not a town without an Irish Pub.  Kelly’s is popular amongst locals and tourists.  On a busy night and especially on the weekends it gets jam packed.  They pride themselves in providing quality service and promoting local produce, especially wine!!  This is one of my favourite pubs in Mudgee, because they serve our famous delicious Mudgee Mead and Mudgee Spiced Mead. (Directions)

Kellys Irish Pub – The Balcony

Small Batch Brewery and Hop Farm www.smallbatchbrew.com.au – 713 Black Springs Rd Mudgee – Fri to Sun – A small local craft beer brewery to visit on your next wine tour for a change of pace. (Directions)


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Book min 3 weeknights from now to 29 Sept 2023 and receive 35% off your booking.