Stephanie Halpin Photography

I am a photographer based in the beautiful town of Mudgee in NSW. My style is inspired by candid emotion, intimate moments, authentic love, natural landscapes and I am obsessed with epic sunsets and love stories. I love working with people who know how to have a good time, who don’t take themselves too seriously and aren’t afraid to embrace the chaos of the day.

I am forever chasing light, light turns the ordinary into the magical

A newly married couple embracing eye to eye in sunflower field. Photo taken by Stephanie Halpin photographer
You aren’t just a client and I’m not just a vendor, I want to be friends. Friends get to the heart of the moment and celebrate each other and I can’t wait to celebrate you. I will travel to wherever your story takes us, whether I am photographing a love story, a growing little family or a big celebration. My main mission is to create your story through my images so your memories can be treasured forever.


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