Small Wedding Venue with Accommodation

Riverlea Retreat Mudgee is ideal for small weddings of up to 35 people, offering an intimate and charming setting. The lush lawn provides a picturesque backdrop for the ceremony, while the property can accommodate up to 10 guests, ensuring convenience and comfort. This serene retreat ensures a memorable and cozy celebration surrounded by natural beauty.

Riverlea Retreat Mudgee combines natural beauty, intimate charm, and modern convenience, making it the perfect venue for small weddings.

Female guest soaking in the Riverlea Retreat outdoor bath with bubbles sipping on a glass of white
Riverlea Retreat Mudgee is conveniently close to Logan Wines and Skimstone Wines, making it perfect for wine enthusiasts. It was also featured in the Daily Telegraph as one of the best holiday stays in Mudgee, highlighting its exceptional appeal. With its idyllic location and acclaimed status, it’s an excellent choice for a memorable wedding experience. Wedding bookings come at no extra cost.


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