The Pavilion at LOWE

Balancing between the points of country charm and chic elegance, you find The Pavilion at Lowe. Combining the best of fresh country air, rolling hills and organic vineyards, with that of luxury comforts, vintage stylings and renowned food & wine.

Custom designed to showcase the beauty of the surroundings; the freedom of both intimacy and grandness; fully equipped facilities, furniture and stylings; and the teams of Lowe Wines & Zin House to bring your food & wine dreams alive. It’s the space to realise your vision, be that of a wedding, private event or celebration.

The very point country meets chic

Vintage glass doors bestow a grand entrance. Chandeliers fall from the ceiling. Antique furnishings decorate the room. An open plan layout tailored to your vision. Above the dance floor lies a stargazing roof, drenching its hardwood surface in moonlight.Clear side opening walls parade onto sloping lawns below, leading to the shores of the Tinja jetty. All framed by the organic vineyards and farmland of the very wine you’re drinking, and produce your eating. As we said, it’s the perfect balance. All this charm is found with the practicality of a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom facilities, solid flooring, heating & cooling systems, furnishings & tableware, and stylings by Flora Speed.


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