Dj Vixxie

Vixxie has spun tunes at a variety of venues since her D.J. adventures began. In her local town of Mudgee, NSW, she has played regularly at a local brewery, Three tails Brewery and Smokehouse, where she spins deep groovy lounge sets for over three hours at a time. That set the stage for her launch into Sydney, where she has opened for WeLove, Sutra, and Allfriends, and played later sets at Soundwaves Halloween boat party, Zenith Launch Party, and several Burning Seed spin-off events where she has also played over three hour sets.

Vixxie takes her listeners on a journey of the soul through the medium of sound and rhythm, and would love to help craft the soundscape of your wedding party!

Long time house and techno fan, Vixxie has been cutting shapes with the sounds she crafts since the lock-downs began, in early 2020. Hailing from near Boston, USA, Vixxie grew up surrounded by music from birth, as the daughter of an electrical engineer who’s university teacher was Mr. Bose, and an opera singer mother. When she arrived in England in the early ’90’s, she discovered House music, and something changed in her. Vixxie knew that one day she would be behind the decks. It took over 20 years from that moment to become realised, many mix-tapes (and a family) made in the in-between. From the moment she learned the basics, it has been difficult for Vixxie to put the machine down. Her favourite genres are Progressive House, Deep House, Melodic Techno, Deep-Tech and Peak-time Techno. She has a YouTube channel, “Vix in the Sticks”, where she showcases beautiful deep house grooves against the beautiful backdrop of her front yard in rural NSW.


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