Vegan Wedding & Events

We believe that a wedding or other special event is the perfect opportunity to show friends and family how delicious good vegan food can be. Vegan food can be enjoyed by everyone and there is no need to compromise on your values for your special event. As a team, we share your values and our mission is to empower you to create your dream event.

Our goal is to empower you to align your event with your ethics without compromising on quality, taste or service.

Our story began at our home venue, Secret Creek, which started as a family business inside a wildlife sanctuary in Lithgow in 2003. The cafe transitioned overnight to a vegan kitchen in 2015 after Chef Tenille Evans (the daughter of the founder) took over. Since then, the business evolved into a full-service, vegan event space, and Vegan Weddings & Events – our catering company – grew organically with the increasing demand for good quality vegan food. We are now a small, committed team of hospitality and events professionals. Our high level of service is matched by our shared passion for veganism and enthusiasm for taking plant-based food to new standards of excellence.


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