BBQ & Fireplace & Firepit & Firewood

The BBQ is simple to operate.  BBQ utensils are located in the kitchen draws. Please clean the BBQ when you have finished using it, and please do not leave food out overnight, it will attract wildlife and vermin. If you run out of gas there is a spare gas bottle located next to the BBQ. We apologise if you run out of gas in both bottles, please feel free to replace it at Bunnings in Mudgee and we will be happy to refund you the full amount when you provide a receipt.

Before you start the fire, make sure the flue (chimney) lid is open. The handle for the flue lid hangs inside the fireplace. If you can see the handle, this means it has dropped and the lid is closed. If this is the case, push the handle up and turn the handle to make sure it stays up (This may require a few attempts). The handle should not be visible when looking into the fireplace. If you get a smokey room, this is mostly likely due to the flue lid being closed and smoke can’t escape from the chimney.

Fire pit
Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times when using the fire pit.
Please always make sure the fire pit lid is on the fire pit when you retire for the evening.

Firewood is located in the small shed closest to the cottage. Feel free to use the provided wheel barrow and gloves to pick up firewood.